my zone: 13.02.2024, 18:57:09

H3ll0 W0rld, lilkrucivert here!

and this is my personal website (˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶)

I am a big privacy enjoyer. In the near future I want to start a new project website for normal people to help them improve their privacy online (and maybe IRL too)

You might think I am a bit of a schizo beacuse I am taking my privacy seriously, but tbh there is literal proof that we are being spied by almost every device we own. No matter if we are spied by government or just companies.

I created this website to share my ideas, projects and general opions on certain topics and because I support having JavaScript disabled this site is complely functional without it. The only JS running here is on the top and the bottom of the site displaying current time and current year.

You are welcome to check my blog in the "Projects" tab. I also have live chat for people to chat on, but its not self hosted and i belive it requires JavaScript to work so it's not perfect but I will look for a way to improve it. You can also use it as a GUESTBOOK -> the chat> *no one uses it*