my zone: 13.02.2024, 18:57:09

H3ll0 W0rld, lilkrucivert here!

This is my debloated website

I'm a lazy mf so i generated the layout for this page using this neat generator.Couldn't you create your own layout? Yeah, I could and I did in the past but i wanted something simple and something that would look nice and i am too lazy to tinker aroud with the css on my own so i just chaged a few minor things like some colors and adding/removing some margins/paddings

Back to the main topic of this website. Why did i even bother to host something and to create shit here? There is a pretty simple answer to that question. I just want to showcase my projects without using stupid social media sites. I wanted it to be more privacy friendly and i didn't want to be a web peasant.

How much does it cost to run a website like this? Can I create one too? It's really cheap. I will go over the costs in a second. YES! You should! The cost is crazy low. Back when I didn't need the server to be more powerful for different things i used to pay around $1 per month for my hosting and around $10 per year for my domain, so the costs of running a simple website are around $2 a month! And you can get a VPS with free $100 credit on vultr with my ref link!

You will need to setup apache and nginx to host your website. You can 'google' how to do it! It's pretty simple! If you know some html and css then you can create it yourself or you can just use the generator i mentioned earlier! It's well documented and easy to use.